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In the summer of 1996 Rabbi Meir & Lieba Konikov arrived in Fort Lee, New Jersey to establish & lead the Chabad Community. Many years of dedicated hard work bore the fruit of a thriving community. Fort Lee now has an enthusiastic Shabbos & daily minyan, preschool, Hebrew school, Teen events, classes and more. Hundreds of families participate in our rich Jewish Torah and have inspired their lives with the spirit of Judaism.

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In the summer of 2019 Rabbi Mendel & Chaya Wuensch moved to Fort Lee, New Jersey. Rabbi Mendel & Chaya run the Hebrew School and now it's expanded to its highest attendance in 20 years. Rabbi Mendel runs the Teen program which gets together every Tuesday for a discussion and dinner. Chaya has started a Bat Mitzvah Program for 6th & 7th grade girls, which takes place once a month to discuss & discover in a creative way what it means to be a Jewish Woman and the responsibilities it entails. Rabbi Mendel & Chaya Wuensch are the 16th Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzin serving in Bergen County.

Founding Principles
Chabad of Fort Lee is founded on the principle that, while Jews embrace many levels of observance in their personal lives, there should be a place for all Jews no labels, no affiliations. They develop a sense of community and enhance the experience of being Jewish. They have successfully catered to hundreds of families from all backgrounds, offering Jewish educational programming in an accepting and innovative setting where all feel welcome.  The goal is to create a positive Jewish experience for everyone as they strengthen their ties to the Jewish community.

Chabad of of Fort Lee is a place where every Jewish person is welcome - regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge. Our sole purpose is to create a warm welcoming environment to explore and experience our heritage in a non-judgmental and inviting atmosphere.

There's a palpable warmth at our synagogue services that melts away any embarrassment for those unfamiliar with, or new to, communal prayer.

Everyone feels at home. Come feel for yourself the family atmosphere that makes our services such a delightful experience.

Growth. Connection.
Two little words that symbolize what Chabad of Fort Lee stands for. Two big words that tell you what's so special about us.

Many people come to study or pray at Chabad. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, have many different religious affiliations, and function at all levels of Judaic observance.

But there is one thing they have in common: they are on a journey of growth - personal, intellectual, emotional, religious. They seek to expand their Jewish horizons, increase their knowledge in areas of Judaism, and for some, to grow in Jewish observance. 


Warmly, gently, humorously, humbly, but persistently, our Rabbi, Rabbi Konikov, a world class Rabbi and scholar, urges everyone onward and upward, based on the teachings of Chassidism and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, that every Jew is precious and important because he is a Jew, and endowed with a G‑dly soul. One more Torah class. Try out a mitzvah. Explore your roots, take one step further on the path of Judaism; tomorrow maybe another. What, when, how much and how fast is up to you. But take a step forward. As long as one lives one must keep on growing.

But a person, like a plant, needs warmth to grow. Our Chabad is legendary for its warmth, its friendliness, its caring, its hospitality. The words shul family are so often used here, that they've actually become a cliche. The Chabad has become the true center of our community.

Come visit us and see for yourself! Be amazed at what you can be.