Outdoor Services

No Reservations necessary

Chollent Served

at this time only adults above Bar/Bat Mitzvah can attend

Service Schedule

Friday Eve 7:00PM

Shabbos morning 10:00AM

Shabbos Mincha 8:15PM

Sunday Shacharis 9:00AM

Sunday Mincha 8:00PM

Daily Shacharis 8:00AM

Daily Mincha 8:00PM 


Dear Friends,

We have sought the advice of Rabbinical & Medical professionals to discuss ways of safely resuming limited outdoor services.

We are glad to announce that we are holding daily services.

Please carefully read the structure and conditions to attend. Attending services will be limited in size and must be reserved in advance to participate. 

1) Services will convene outdoors in the backyard practicing social distancing.

2) All are welcome to attend, if they feel comfortable going out.

3) Sanitizer machine will be available to be used. 

4) It is preferable for everyone to bring their own Talit and Siddur/prayer book. Prayer books will be sanitized between services.

5) Entry to the backyard should be through the driveway on Warren Ave. 

6) Seating will be configured to facilitate  social distancing seating. Please respect our configuration and do not move the chairs.

7) Children may not yet attend services. Unfortunately we cannot yet accommodate children under Bar & Bat Mitzvah at any other services. We understand how important it is for children to be able to come to Shul. Please understand that this is a temporary measure and we are hoping to be able to welcome children back to Shul at the earliest possible time. 

8) There will be a limited kiddish.

9) Surfaces will be disinfected regularly.

10) Please respect those that choose to remain at home and do not encourage anyone to feel uncomfortable with their choices.  

The above conditions are mandatory and will be enforced respectfully and firmly.

If you experiencing any flu symptoms or are not feeling well, please stay home. We encourage all those who are elderly or have underlying medical conditions to please consider the risks very carefully before you come to Shul or any public space, even with the above precautions. Please recognize that the danger of the virus has not passed and leaving your home contains risk.

All of the above conditions will be subject to frequent review and modifications as the COVID-19 situation improves.

We are grateful that we are able to reopen and look forward to the time when we can resume all programs and activities without the above precautions. Until then, we ask you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that our families and community remain safe and healthy. 

With our blessings for a healthy Yom Tov Tov and our heartfelt wishes for a time when all sickness will be removed from our world with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our time.