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Saturday Night (6/8) at 11:00PM

All Night Learning Men & Women
Discussion 1: 
The Accuracy of our Written Torah
Discussion 2:  Marijuana and Halacha

Sunday (6/9) at 10:30 AM
Hear the Ten Commandments
Followed by
and Ice Cream Party for Kids
Dairy Kiddush after Prayers


Shavuot Schedule
Saturday, June 8
Light Candles after 9:16pm
Evening Services 8:10pm

All Night Learning
Refreshments will be served

Dicussion 1
The Accuracy of our Written Torah.

Discussion 2
Marijuana and Halacha 

Sunday, June 9
Shacharis 9:00am
Reading of the 10 Commandments
followed by Dairy Kiddush and Children's Ice Cream Party
Evening Services 8:10pm
Light Candles after 9:17pm
Monday, June 10
Shacharis 9:00am
Yizkor Memorial 10:45am
Evening Services 8:10pm
Holiday Ends 9:17pm
For more info: 201-886-1238 or

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